Perspectives for Sustainable Rural Development

GLOBAL 123L Perspectives for Sustainable Rural Development

Prerequisites: None

Class #: 24771

Units/Credits: 4

Time/Location: W: 4-7:00pm / 102 Wheeler

Final Exam Group: TBA

Instructor: Clara Nicholls

This course analyzes the ecological, socio-economic and policy challenges and opportunities facing the rural population of Latin America in today’s globalized economy. After a critique of the impacts of conventional, agro-export development models of agricultural development (green revolution, non-traditional export crops, biotechnology, biofuels, etc.) the elements of a sustainable agroecological development path are discussed, a path that emphasizes: farmers empowerment, local production for food sovereignty, poverty reduction, cultural identity and natural resource and biodiversity conservation. Technical, institutional, policy and market requirements for sustainable agriculture are also analyzed in detail.

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