Special Topics in Asia

GLOBAL 150Q Special Topics in Asia: Immigration and Multiculturalism in Asia

Prerequisites: None

Class #: 25235

Units/Credits: 4

Time/Location: MWF: 11am-12pm / 242 Hearst Gym

Final Exam Group: TBA

Instructor: Keiko Yamanaka

With an influx of global migrants since the 1980s, East Asian nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, have transformed from relatively homogeneous into relatively heterogeneous societies. China, in the meantime, has incorporated rural migrants into its urban work force. At the same time, the Southeast Asian nations of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, which have long been multiethnic, face a new challenge as a result of an increasingly diverse foreign labor force. These changes are having a profound impact on the region’s democratic governance, economic development, ethnic minority relations, civil society, legal codes, human rights and gender equality. This course analyzes the nature and consequences of these demographic and cultural changes in Asia’s labor importing countries from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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