Special Topics: Global Peace and Conflict

GLOBAL 153P.2 Religion and Human Security

Prerequisites: None

CCN: 32166

Units/Credits: 3

Time/Location: TuTh: 9:30-11am / 122 Barrows

Final Exam Group 7: Tuesday, 12/11/2018; 3:00pm- 6:00pm

Instructor: Karen Bhangoo Randhawa

The field of global studies encompasses conflict resolution approaches and strategies that are both theoretical and practical. The nature of the relationship between religion, peace and security is often contentious, some arguing that religion has little to do with violence while others have argued we pay attention to nuanced role religion can play as a resource for peace and reconciliation. This course provides an overview of the current challenges of religious, ethnic and sectarian conflict and explores how scholars have evaluated the connection of religion to peace and security. We will analyze the role of various religions and investigate how fundamentalism, secularity and religious freedom relate to human welfare and explore religion’s role in promoting human security.

Using various case studies from around the world ranging from South Asia, Middle East, North America and Indonesia, the second half of the course will critically analyze the role mediation and negotiation can play in conflicts that have a religious dimension. Accordingly, students will gain experiential and practical insights about how policy makers and practitioners can develop tools and strategies to address the salience of religion in improving human security in global affairs.

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