Senior Seminar in International and Area Studies

IAS 194.2 Senior Seminar in International and Area Studies: Ethnic and Religious Conflict

CCN: 46514

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: W 3-6PM, 211 DWINELLE

Final Exam Group: None

Instructor: Beverly Crawford

Violent ethnic and religious conflict is the defining tragedy of today’s world. Religious conflict rages in Africa. Turkey is at war with the Kurds. Sectarian violence has torn a swath through the Middle East. From Scotland to Spain, separatist movements simmer throughout Europe. In Germany, neo-Nazi groups attack Syrian refugee camps, and ethnic and religious tensions are on the rise in asylum shelters. What are the causes of these and other conflicts? How can they be resolved? The seminar will provide an analytic “toolkit” to address these questions and students will research and write on a conflict of their choosing.

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