Political Economy in Historical Context

POLECON 160 Political Economy in Historical Context: Revolution and Economic Transformation 1780-1989

Prerequisites: 100 and 101, or Political Economy of Industrial Societies 100 and 101, or consent of instructor

CCN: 19795

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: TuTh 12-2:30p / Barrows 166

Final Exam Group TBA

Instructor: David Beecher

This course explores key revolutions that transformed society, culture and politics on several continents between 1780 and 1989. We will consider the relationship between the unfolding of revolutionary events and ideas about economic development, political power, social structure, governance and grievances that animated revolutionary action. Theoretical frameworks allow us to explore how expanding individual political rights can lead to deeper social divisions, the relationship between capitalism and liberal democracy, and the political logic that animated economic development initiatives after WW II.

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