Freshman Seminar

POLECON 24 Freshman Seminar: Political Economy in Contemporary Perspective

Restrictions: By category

Class #: 23551

Units/Credit: 1 (P/NP)

Time/Location: Tu: 4-5pm / 106 Wheeler

Final Exam Group: TBA

Instructor: Alan Karras

This seminar will require students to engage with current events, international and domestic, through the lens of political economy. Those who are enrolled will be required to read The New York Times and/or The Economist each week, identify issues of political economy that are being discussed, and present them to their peers for discussion. Differing perspectives on the news, as well as the different ways in which political economy theorists would interact with the events, will be discussed. Students should expect vigorous engagement and critical thinking. Enrollment is limited to 15 freshmen.

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