Development Studies

Lower Division Courses

DS C10/GLOBAL 10A : Introduction to Development/Introduction to Global Studies (4 units)
Prerequisites: None
Offered Fall Only

This course provides an introduction to comparative development and serves as a prerequisite for DS 100. The course assumes that students know little about life in Third World countries and are unfamiliar with the relevant theory in political economy of development and underdevelopment. The first part of the course covers the historical patterns of incorporation into an expanding world system and the different theories associated with these processes. The second part deals with a variety of micro and macro phenomena organized around land, labor, and work. This course is cross-listed with Geography C32.

Upper Division Courses

DS 150/GLOBAL 121/IAS 150.7 : Special Topics: Globalization of India (4 units)
Prerequisites: None

This course is room shared with IAS 150 007 and GLOBAL 121. This course uses the analytic of globalization and an interdisciplinary approach to provide an overview of contemporary India, focusing mainly, though not exclusively, on urban India. Students will be introduced to the debates surrounding colonial modernity, as an earlier globalizing era, this serving as background for considering contemporary India. Topics covered include: the Indian middle class, urban life, Hindu nationalism and other social movements, the postcolonial public, expressive culture, the changing nature and role of casts. No background on India is required.
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DS 150.2/IAS 50.8 : Special Topics: Development and the Environment (4 units)
Prerequisites: None

This course is room shared with IAS 150 008. We will examine the social, economic and environmental impact of the way countries are pursuing economic development, including the expansion of mining in certain countries, oil and natural gas extraction, export agriculture, agro-fuel production, hydroelectric energy, eco-tourism, and the fishing industry. We will also consider the development challenges produced by climate change and how communities and countries are responding and adapting. We will examine what has and has not been accomplished in the various international summits that have occurred around the environment, as well as the regulatory framework that has emerged to address environmental concerns. And, finally, we will examine the sustainable development discourse, as well as the various ideas about what is sustainable development.
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