Freshman Seminar

POLECON 24 Freshman Seminar: Markets and Culture in the Global South

Restrictions: By category

CCN: 32392

Units/Credit: 1 (P/NP)

Time/Location: Monday 12-1pm, 235 Dwinelle

Final Exam Group 18: Friday, 12/14/2018 / 11:30am – 2:30pm

Instructor: Clare Talwalker

This seminar, open only to freshmen, will focus on how the media covers the economies of the Global South. We will select and read news stories about culture and economy in other parts of the world. We will supplement media content with relevant articles by scholars, so as to learn new conceptual tools for making sense of economic life in other places. We will learn to distinguish between economistic terms such as market exchange, labor conditions, consumers, and the different terms for these same topics offered up by social and cultural theory.

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